Morton L. Heilig (1926-1997)
Morton Heilig was called the "Father of Virtual Reality" in several books and articles. He was one of the great visionaries of our time, he was a Philosopher, Inventor, Filmmaker and in general a man who looked towards the future and was way ahead of his time. 3D is now everywhere, but did you know that Mort Heilig already dreamed up a 3D, full immersion, virtual reality machine way back in 1962, decades ahead of its time - the Sensorama Machine. Now that 3D has become mainstream, this machine has gained museum status.
The Sensorama Machine is
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Biography ( see more detail):
Bachelor of Philosophy, Diploma in Film Direction, Master of Communication Arts
nventor of the Sensorama Machine, the Experience Theatre, the Telesphere Mask, Father of Virtual Reality. Consultant in the field of VR, Education, 3-D imaging. Over 100 inventions, also in Sporting Goods.
Documentary Filmmaker, Director, Cameraman, with over 60 docmentaries to his name, filmed for ABC's Alan Landsburg Prodcutions, USIA, CBS's 21st Century series, etc.
His Feature Film
"ONCE" won Auteur's Award at Cannes Film Festival.
Philosopher/Visionary, over 55 "idea books" which take us into the Realm of Fantasy, like a Jules Verne novel. Articles: Cinema of the Future, The Learning Wall, Blueprint for a New Hollywood, etc.
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